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  • 100 self care ideas for busy moms

    100 Self Care Ideas For Busy Moms

    In the past, I’ve created a 30 day self care challenge, but today I’m laying out an entire list of 100 self care ideas for busy moms. …

  • London's First Birthday

    London is (Over) A Year Old!

    London, if this blog is still up whenever you are old enough to read, I’m very sorry for not continuing your monthly blog updates. However, you need to know that you…

  • London is 10 Months Old

    London is 10 Months Old

    Wow. Okay. Hello. How overdue is this? I know I say this a lot, but working 40 hours a week, driving 10 hours a week, and getting home at 6pm Monday…

  • Baby In Cincinnati Onesie

    Five Month Old Baby Loves Pizza

    Five Month Old Baby Loves Pizza!!! Relax, everyone. We’re not feeding our daughter pizza. It just seemed like a good title, considering the LaRosa’s onesie she’s wearing. This isn’t sponsored or…

  • Youngest UC Bearcats Fan

    Youngest UC Bearcats Fan Ever

    London is four months old, and she’s now officially the youngest UC Bearcats fan ever. According to me. Give her a few months, and she’ll also be the youngest Reds fan…

  • two month old baby girl

    Two Month Old Sleeps Through The Night

    If that isn’t the best blog post title I’ll ever write in my entire life, I don’t know what is. She doesn’t sleep through the night every night. Some nights, she…