Youngest UC Bearcats Fan Ever

Youngest UC Bearcats Fan

London is four months old, and she’s now officially the youngest UC Bearcats fan ever. According to me.

Give her a few months, and she’ll also be the youngest Reds fan ever. And the youngest FC Cincinnati fan ever.


UC Bearcats Baby

Do you notice a trend with her monthly newborn photos? They’re all Cincinnati themed. We’re hoping to keep it that way, as long as we can continue to find Cincinnati-related baby clothes to put her in.

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She had her four-month doctor’s appointment last week, and we found out she’s in the 75th percentile for both length and weight. Liam was a bigger baby, too, but eventually, everything leveled out and he’s 50th percentile. I have a feeling London will be the same way.

London is definitely smiling a lot more. She laughs a little, but we still haven’t really heard a full-blown, real laugh yet. Her teachers at daycare say she does it there, though. Figures.

Her appointment and vaccines were on March 8th. It’s now March 13th and I think she’s just finally getting back to normal. For a few days, it was constant crying all day long. I don’t remember Liam ever having a reaction like that, but it was a truly miserable 4-5 days.

Sibling Photography

Not too much else has changed. Still no teeth (as far as I can tell). I thought the doctor would say to start trying baby food this month, but he said to wait until she was six months. Probably a good idea, since I don’t even think she would know how to eat baby food.

She’s spending more and more time in her Baby Einstein Activity Jumper. I have a feeling it helps to relieve gas. Plus, I’m sure it’s building up her leg muscles and preparing her for walking. She already loves standing up in our laps.

Baby With The Long Eyelashes

She still has the longest eyelashes ever. Her and Liam both do.

Anyway, that’s her four-month update! Come back in April to find out what she’s doing when she’s five months old.

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