Top 10 Easter Gift Ideas For Babies

Top 10 Easter Gift Ideas For Babies

Picking out Easter gift ideas for babies can be really hard. Especially because Easter baskets traditionally consist of lots of candy, and babies can’t eat candy.

This is London’s first Easter, and my second time putting together a newborn Easter basket. I think I’ve come up with some pretty great baby’s first Easter basket ideas, but feel free to add your own ideas in the comment section.

Most of these baby Easter basket ideas can be found on Amazon, so if you have Prime and order today, they’ll be here by Easter!

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Top 10 Easter Gifts For Babies

Teether – If your baby hasn’t started teething yet, they will eventually. I found this carrot teether on Amazon, and also this Peter Rabbit Teether book. Both are perfect for baby Easter basket stuffers!

Movie – There are a lot of Easter/Spring movies to choose from, such as Bambi, Hop, Peter Rabbit. We’ve seen Peter Rabbit about four thousand times at our house, so that one is highly recommended.

Puffs – Depending on how old your baby is, they may be old enough to eat Gerber Puffs. London isn’t yet, but I put some in Liam’s newborn Easter basket when he was a baby. If you’d like to make it extra adorable, bag them up in these little carrot treat bags. Gerber says Puffs are for babies around 8-12 months old.

Yogurt Melts – Another non-candy thing that your baby may be able to eat. Gerber says babies are ready for yogurt melts if they crawl with their stomachs off the floor and have begun to self-feed with fingers. I recommend the carrot treat bags for these, too! Absolutely perfect for baby’s first Easter basket.

Baby Food – Babies can start eating soft or pureed foods between 4-6 months, so this is what I’m putting in London’s basket this year. She’ll be 6 months old at the end of April, and hasn’t tried baby food yet. I bought her banana and apple because no one wants to try peas and carrots on Easter.

Pool Toys – Or a baby blow up pool! We got one of those for Liam’s first Easter, though, so we already have one. For London, we’re getting a pool floatie to use when we go on vacation to Michigan this summer!

Stuffed AnimalBunnies, ducks, lambs… or whatever else you think they will like.

Dancing and Singing Duck Toy – It’s perfect for babies, and it’s a duck! I had to get it.

Book – The Golden Egg Book was my all-time favorite book as a child, and it’s clearly the best book option for an Easter basket. Some other options are Happy Easter Mouse, It’s Not Easy Being a Bunny, Here Comes the Easter Bunny, and Llama Llama Easter Egg.

Bath Toys / Bath Mat – If your baby is about to transition out of a baby bath to an actual tub, this could be perfect. Or, you know, they’ll switch to an actual tub eventually, so you may as well get it now.

BONUS #11!

Clothes – Because it’s Spring and it’s going to start getting warmer! It’s time for dresses and rompers (here are some boy rompers and here are some girl rompers).

What are you putting in your baby’s first Easter basket? Please leave your Easter gift ideas for babies in the comments below!

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Easter Ideas For Babies


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