Top 10 Amazon Purchases of 2018

Top 10 Amazon Purchases of 2018

I placed over 80 orders on Amazon last year, so here’s my top 10 Amazon Purchases of 2018.

I’m not sure if that’s impressive or embarrassing, but to be fair, I shop on Amazon more than I do anywhere else. If I can lay in bed and use an app on my phone to order something that’s guaranteed to be at my doorstep in two days, that’s what I’m going to do. Every time.

Disclosure: Some of the links below are affiliate links, meaning, at no additional cost to you, I will earn a commission if you click through and make a purchase.

Anyway, out of the 80+ glorious orders I placed, there were a few stand out items. By a few, I mean that I’ve narrowed it down to ten. I probably could have listed about 30, but we’ll start with these… in no particular order.


Canon EF 50mm f/1.8 STM Lens

I’ve had a Canon 60D since about 2010, I think. I’m guessing. I’ve really, really been slacking on learning how to use it. I’ve just recently kind of figured out how to adjust the settings to make the camera take photos the way I want it to.

I also figured out that with the lens I was using before, it was impossible to take the kind of photos I wanted to take. I wanted that “bokeh” look that you see with newborn photography (because I have a newborn) and portrait photography.

This is the lens you need for that. The “nifty fifty,” they call it. See that? I know cool photography lingo now, so clearly, I’m well on my way to being one of the world’s greatest photographers.Echo Dot

I’ve always been the nerdy kind of person who gets the newest techy gadget thing before everyone else, so it’s no surprise that we have a few of these in our house. Honestly, I really feel like we needed ours.

All of the wiring in our house is weird, and it’s impossible to figure out which switch you need to flip to turn a light on. Apart from that, it’s great to be able to play music through it and ask it what time it is when I’m running late for work and don’t even have two seconds to look at a clock.Sengled Smart LED Light Bulbs

If you’re looking for inexpensive, Alexa-compatible, dimmable light bulbs, these are the ones you need. They’re very easy to set up and we have them all over our house. They’re not colored bulbs, but I think Sengled does make those, too.


Conair 1875 Watt Ionic Ceramic Hair Dryer

I won’t lie. I’m a borderline tightwad and I also work in marketing, so I’m always convinced that things aren’t really as great as they say they are. I was fully convinced that all hair dryers were the same, and anyone who spent $400 on a hairdryer was out of their mind.

I still think that, because this one is only $35, and it is leagues above whichever $20 trash hair dryer I was using before. Honestly, I can’t imagine any hair dryer being better than this one. At least not so much better that it’s worth $400. It dries my hair faster and makes it so smooth that sometimes I don’t even feel like I need to use my flat iron.Coty Airspun Loose Face Powder

Once upon a time (like three months ago), I was a Laura Mercier snob and was sure that it was the only adequate setting powder in the universe. That was unfortunate because it’s also one of the most expensive, and I felt like it never lasted very long at all.

This powder, on the other hand, is extremely inexpensive. So far, I’ve only bought one and have a ton left. I won’t say it’s an exact Laura Mercier dupe, but it does what it needs to do and doesn’t make you look like you stuck your face in a bag of flour.Jergens Wet Skin Body Moisturizer

This is another thing that I thought was gimmicky. I thought it would make me feel slimy and gross. I was wrong. It keeps you moisturized all day, and I feel like I can smell the coconut most of the day, too.

Also, as you know, I’m always rushing around before work in the morning, and this probably saves me around five minutes. Who has time to get out of the shower, dry off, put on lotion, wait for it to dry, and then get dressed? Not me.

Obagi Sun Shield Tint SPF 50 Sunscreen

While I was pregnant, I self-diagnosed myself with melasma. I still haven’t been to a dermatologist because their waitlist is always approximately 14 years. Either way, I did some Googling and decided to treat my skin like I actually had melasma. Couldn’t hurt, right?

Anyway, according to Google, this was the best and most protective sunscreen, so naturally, that is what I bought. It doesn’t make your face greasy, which is great, because I hate trying to put makeup on top of an oil slick. Also, my whole skin tone is better, which is probably a combination of not being pregnant, this sunscreen, and the product below.

Admire My Skin Hydroquinone Dark Spot Corrector

Honestly, I attribute most of my “maybe” melasma fading to this. It has hydroquinone in it, and I think it’s the highest amount you can get without going to a dermatologist. My face definitely brightens up every time I use this. I try not to use it too often, though, because it’s super drying, but it’s supposed to be that way.


Safavieh Milan Shag Area Rug

Have you ever shopped for a rug? They’re expensive! These Safavieh rugs aren’t, and the quality is amazing. We have two in our house, and everyone always talks about how soft they are. Honestly, I wish they would make carpet exactly like this, and I would cover the entire house in it.Felt Letter Board

These are all the rage right now, so I don’t think I have to say much about it. We used ours for London’s birth announcement and now it’s hanging up in her room.

That’s all ten of them!

If you want to see more of my favorite purchases, or even more from a particular “category,” let me know. I’m always shopping on Amazon, so I could probably do monthly hauls.

What are your top 10 Amazon purchases of 2018?

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