Three Month Old Smiles At Mommy

Three Month Old Baby Smiles At Mommy

She smiles at Daddy and Liam, too, but seeing as though Mommy is writing this, Mommy preferred that title over the others.

The smiling thing is important to me because I’m paranoid. I’ve read things that say, “If your 12 week old is not smiling, contact your pediatrician.” When she was 12 weeks old, I still wasn’t totally sure that her smiles were “social smiles.” It was driving me insane.

Now, I’m sure they are. She constantly smiles at us, and you can tell she’s always excited to see us. It’s very awesome and adorable. London is a perfect baby.

Also, it’s worth noting that even though she’s (almost) 14 weeks old now, she’s really only supposed to be 13 weeks old. I had my c-section a week early. From what I’ve read, that matters. You have to go by the actual “gestation age…”

Or whatever they call it.

In previous posts, you may have read that I’m not a doctor. I’m still not. I don’t know medical terms.

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Anyway, she’s also “cooing,” as they call it. I call it “trying really hard to talk,” because that’s what it sounds like. She can hold her head up pretty well, and always seems much more alert whenever we sit her in this chair that my mom got her for Christmas.

What’s really blowing my mind, though, is that when some babies are four months old, they can start eating solid foods. I remember thinking that was impossible when Liam was a baby. I still do. Unless she changes drastically in a month (which she probably will), she cannot eat food! She still hasn’t fully accomplished the act of having a bottle without getting gas for the next 12 hours.

So, I guess stay tuned and look out for a post sometime around the week of March 4th. She’ll be four months old then, and I can let you know if she’s eating food or not.

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