Six Month Old Baby Attends First Cincinnati Reds Game

Babies at Cincinnati Reds Game

London is six days away from being seven months old, and I haven’t even written the post about her being six months old yet. That’s how much free time I’ve had.

Six Month Old Milestone Blanket

She had her six month doctor’s appointment, and we found out she is in the 75th percentile for both height and weight. We were also reminded how badly she reacts to shots. She usually cries for a week afterwards. It’s miserable.

Baby Eating Rice Snack

London is also getting her first tooth! She’s able to eat baby food now, and these rice things. I can’t think of what they’re called right now.

Because of the recall on the Rock N Play, she no longer sleeps in that. She’s sleeping in a bassinet now, and I assume that within the next couple months, we’re going to have to start putting her in her crib.

What do you all think about babies sleeping in their own rooms? Apparently, you’re not supposed to put them in their own bedrooms until after they’re a year old. Liam stayed in our room about that long, but the crib is already in London’s room and it is a PAIN to take apart, move, and put back together.

I assume. I never do it. Cameron does.

Cincinnati Reds Baby

London also went to her very first Reds game. It was Liam’s third Reds game, and as you can see, he was very excited… or he at least looked like he was.

Cincinnati Reds Baby

Tomorrow, we’re going to the Cincinnati Zoo, so I’ll probably put a post up about that. Check back next week!

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