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Fifty West is the newest addition to Rachel’s Cincinnati Restaurant Reviews!

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If you’re from anywhere near Cincinnati and are a passionate zythophile, you’ve probably heard of Fifty West Brewing Company. One of their beers, Doom Petal, is actually my favorite local beer, but I’ve never actually been to the brewery. Until now.

Last Thursday, Cameron decided to go there for his birthday dinner. He’s 30 now!

The Beer

Unfortunately, there were two different beers he wanted to try, and neither of them were available. You could only buy them as a six pack of cans, so I guess we’ll have to stop in some other time.

fifty west brewpub beer

I tried their American Lager. It wasn’t bad. It reminded me of a less “skunky” Corona, if you know what I mean.

What you may not know about Fifty West Brewing Company, is that they actually serve food, too. You can view their full menu here.

The Food

They have a lot of different things to choose from and since they’re a brewpub, they obviously have pretzels and beer cheese. We started with those because they’re always good.

fifty west pretzels and beer cheese

For me, coming up with a dinner choice was a little harder than coming up with an appetizer choice. I know what I like and I know what I don’t like, so I tend to order the same foods a lot of the time.

Usually that means burgers or chicken strips.

They have burgers. I typically order a plain bacon cheeseburger at places that don’t serve steak. It’s a safe choice. You can’t really mess up a plain bacon cheeseburger.

fifty west pork tenderloin

I didn’t want to play it safe last week, though. I wanted to try something different, so I went with the Pork Tenderloin. It’s marinated in maple and sage, then pan-roasted over garlic mashed potatoes and served with green beans (and gravy, but I asked them to leave that off).

First, you need to know that I’m not a pork person. I would rather have steak. Always. I guess I was just feeling adventurous. 

I didn’t hate it, but I still wish I would’ve tried the steak frites. Maybe next time.

The mashed potatoes were very good, though, and I definitely loved my Doom Petal as much as I always do!

Now, on to Cameron… he got the Fifty West Hot Brown.

fifty west hot brown

Cameron went to Kentucky last year and had Kentucky Hot Brown. He says it’s the best meal he’s ever had. He also really loves goetta, so mixing the two seemed like a win-win.

He liked the Fifty West Hot Brown, but still says that Kentucky Hot Brown is better.

The Atmosphere

We went around 6pm on a Thursday, so it definitely wasn’t the most popular time to be there. Aside from us, there were maybe 4 other tables.

fifty west brewing company outside of building

It was too cold to sit outside, but from what I could see of the outside, it looks like it would be a lot of fun when it warms up! They have fire pits and dangling outdoor lights, which sounds like an amazing time to me. Especially when you also have Doom Petal.

Will We Go Again?

We will definitely be going back!

Liam starts soccer in April and Fifty West is actually pretty close to the fields he’ll be playing at. We’ll be able to stop in every Saturday afternoon, if we want to!

fifty west brewing company production barrels

Do you have a favorite brewery?! If so, let me know what it’s called and I’ll try to visit it whenever I’m in your city! If it’s in Cincinnati, that’s even better. I’ll just tag it to my ever growing list of Cincinnati Restaurant Reviews!

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