London is 10 Months Old

London is 10 Months Old

Wow. Okay. Hello. How overdue is this?

I know I say this a lot, but working 40 hours a week, driving 10 hours a week, and getting home at 6pm Monday – Friday is not ideal for a blogger. 

Or anyone. Ever. Let’s be real. It’s a terrible schedule. Someone please help me become a full-time blogger. Teach me how to make enough money doing this, so I can quit my “real” job.

The amount of free time I have is so minimal that I’m not even sure if it exists at all. 

I got LASIK yesterday, though, and right now, I’m home alone, so here we go…

London and Liam

London will be 11 months on September 30th. Here are some of the things going on with her right now:

She can almost walk. I’m sure she’ll be walking any day now, but it better not be today, since she’s been gone for over 24 hours. This is the longest she’s ever been away from me and I’m not happy about it.

London Standing Up

London has been sleeping in her own room. In her own crib. However, since “they” say babies shouldn’t sleep alone until they’re a year old, we have a twin mattress in her room. Cameron and I take turns sleeping in there.

Liam and London Playing

She eats lots of baby food. Her favorites are anything that has cereal or oatmeal mixed in. I think she likes the texture better when it’s a little thicker. It’s also less of a mess when it’s not so runny. Apparently, she also eat Gerber Puffs at daycare now. 

London Staring at Camera

Talking! Okay, I know what you’re thinking, babies this young don’t talk. She’s not spitting out full sentences or anything, but I know for sure that she says “no, no.” I’m also pretty sure she says “sit.”

Liam and London

As far as I can tell, she has at least 6 teeth. She has the middle bottom two, and the front four on top. I don’t remember Liam having this many teeth at this age, but who knows. That was three years ago, and apparently, I have a horrible memory.

London 10 Months

She claps all the time. She loves clapping. She’s been clapping for months.

At this point, I’m not even sure how much formula she’s having every day. Pretty much since she was born, I’ve given her as much as she wanted, whenever she wanted it. It seems to be working well, because at her 9-month doctor’s appointment, she was 75th percentile in both height and weight.

Liam Smiling

Her birthday is the day before Halloween, so we’re trying to start planning her party. We figure it has to be a costume party since you know, it’s basically Halloween. I can’t decide what I want her costume to be, though.

At first, I wanted her to be a cupcake or something “birthday-ish.” I still kind of do, but I can’t really find a good cupcake costume.

Then, I considered Cinderella or some other blonde-ish Disney princess.

Liam in Graeter's Shirt

Right now, we’re also thinking about getting her a Gryffindor costume. That way, we can all kind of match each other. Liam could be Harry Potter, Cameron could be Snape, and I would just be my normal, Slytherin self.

Leave a comment below and let me know your ideas for her Halloween/birthday costume! Also, nag me on social media to make sure I post her 11-month photos on time.

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