A Heartwarming Postpartum Update

London One Month Skyline Chili

Hello, everyone. Believe it or not, I haven’t bled out and died from my c-section incision. At least not yet. It’s been five weeks and it’s still bleeding. FUN!

I’ve been meaning to post something, but I haven’t had time. You’d think that with all this glorious “maternity leave,” I’d have all the time in the world to write blog posts. By “you’d think,” I mean “anyone who’s never had a baby would think,” and by “maternity leave,” I mean “short term disability, in which I only receive 60% of my pay for six weeks, even though I’m off for eight.”

Do I sound annoyed and sleep deprived? Good. I am.

In my last post, I said London was a “good baby.” She is a good baby, but she’s not great when it comes to eating without becoming gassy for the next six hours. I’m lucky if I’m able to get 10 minutes a day where I don’t have to hold her. Those 10 minutes are happening right now.

I’m also using my cherished 10 minutes of freedom to try and decipher all of our health insurance claims. Looks like we will be spending $6,000. I could rant about this in probably 50,000 words or more, but I’ll save that for when I actually understand how I’m able to spend over $6,000 a year just to have insurance in the United States of America, only to pay another $6,000 for actually using it. What an absolute blessing. Maybe I should set up a GoFundMe like literally everyone else does for literally anything.

London One Month Milestone Blanket

London is one month old now. She’s exactly five weeks old today. As much as it may sound like I’m miserable being home alone with her every day, I promise I’m not. I’m just tired and hungry and sweaty because I can never escape to the bathroom to take a shower. Also, bleeding from my abdomen, as I mentioned before.

I’m sure one day I’ll look back, longing for the days when I could bleed, pay $6,000, and starve, all while trying to get a newborn baby to stop crying on my chest that finally stopped producing breast milk even though I never even attempted to breastfeed. What a long sentence that was.

Anyway, I’ve been working on a blog post that goes over must-have items for newborns. It’s mostly done, but I haven’t had time to finish it. It’ll be up sometime within the next 19 years.

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    cody sexton
    December 20, 2018 at 9:38 pm

    I liked this. It was real and honest. Thank you.

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