30 Day Self Care Challenge

30 day self care challenge

I’ve seen a lot of pins for a “30 day self care challenge” or “self care month challenge” on Pinterest.

I usually want to at least try them, but there are always one or two things on the list that I’m not really into. Then, I feel like if I don’t do them, I’m not completing the challenge and I’ve FAILED.

That completely defeats the purpose because I’m certainly not “loving” myself if I feel like a failure.

30 Day Self Love Challenge

Anyway, I’ve decided that if I create my own 30 day self care challenge, I’m solving that problem.

Hopefully, some of you will see some of the items on this 30 days of self care list and think, “Wow! Those are totally all the things I want to do, anyway!” If that’s the case, we can do it together. In fact, we can keep doing it over and over until we’re so sick of watching TV and eating cupcakes, that I have to create a new list. Deal? Deal.

Side Note: These are not meant to be in any certain order. The idea is to pick something off the list, check it off, and repeat for 30 days.

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30 Day Self Love Challenge

Listen To Music

May I recommend the new Camila Cabello?

Go For A Walk

Doing this outside is probably preferable to most people (unless it’s freezing cold or scorching hot), but treadmills work, too. I’ve started trying to use our treadmill at least 30 minutes a day.

Start a New Book

The real goal here is to finish the book. I’ve started several books over the past few months, and then I never have time to read them again. Then, I’m convinced that I’ve forgotten everything I’ve read, and just start a new book. Does anyone else do that?!

Take a Bath

I’ve lived in this house for almost three years, and have probably only gotten to take a bath once or twice. It’s hard having little kids!

Paint Your Nails

My nails are usually always royal blue or robin’s egg blue.

Try a New Restaurant

There are so many restaurants in Cincinnati that I’d like to try. I’ve started a series on my blog, Rachel’s Restaurant Reviews. Hopefully, I’ll keep adding to it!

Watch a Movie

A movie that you want to watch. Watching Trolls and Minions over and over because your kids have it on does not count!

Burn a Candle

My favorite candle on earth is Tiki Beach at Bath and Body Works. You could also do wax melts!

Have a Game Night

My favorite game of all time is Chameleon. Every time I get someone else to play it for the first time, they want to go out and by it for themselves. It’s so fun! It basically tests how good of a liar you are, so if you don’t usually lie, you get super bad anxiety. It’s still fun, though. I promise.

Organize Your Desk

I swear I have the most makeshift desk of all time at work. It’s impossible to fit anything on it or even do work there, but I try to organize it as best as I can.

Sleep In

This will be the hardest one for me to complete, unfortunately. I can’t sleep in unless my kids do.

Print Your Favorite Photos

I always do this at Walgreens. If anyone knows of a printer and photo paper combination that actually works well and isn’t outrageously expensive to do at home, please let me know!

Spend Time in the Sun

I’ve heard that vitamin D from the sun makes you feel better. Some people are strongly against tanning beds, but they also make me feel better in the gloomy, winter months. I haven’t been to a tanning bed in a while, though! I’m completely pale.

Have a Big Breakfast

I’ll probably do this more than once a month because breakfast is the best thing.

Catch Up on a TV Show

I was just thinking today that the only shows I’ve ever finished are LOST and Gossip Girl.

Go To Bed Early

Or as early as your kids will let you. I can’t even imagine how easy life will be when my sleeping hours are not dictated by my children.

Design a Photo Book

I keep forgetting to do this! I’m so paranoid that with all my photos being on my phone and the cloud, that something will happen one day, and I’ll lose them forever.

Eat a Cupcake

Love yourself by pumping yourself full of calories. I have a whole Pinterest board dedicated to cupcakes, and I want to make all of them.

Plan a Vacation

My family and I like to travel as often as we can! In fact, travel is a main topic on my blog. Right now, we’re planning a trip to Walt Disney World.


Apparently, just 30 minutes of exercise a day can increase your heart health, and lower your risk of heart attack, so you may as well do it. Walking for 30 minutes is actually really easy. The hardest part is convincing yourself to do it.

Be Creative

I want to paint, but I’m always afraid my kids will run over and knock something over, getting paint all over my house. Maybe I need to do one of those wine and paint nights.

Change The Sheets

Because I like fresh sheets. We recently bought the super popular sheets on Amazon, and they really are amazing.

Order Pizza

I’d like to hope that I only do this once, but I order Pizza Hut and LaRosa’s so much that I should really be the spokesperson for both places.

Do Nothing

Believe it or not, this is my favorite thing on this list.

Write a Blog or Journal

Or bullet journal, if you know what that is. I actually really love bullet journaling.

Create a Playlist

It’s really helpful to do this before exercising, because then you don’t spend the entire workout trying to find songs to listen to.

Try a New Recipe

I added my family’s chili recipe to the blog, so if you’re looking for a recipe, try that one!

Drink More Water

Probably should do this every day. I even bought a Harry Potter water bottle that helps you drink more water.

Clean Out Closet

All of my hangers are in use, and I refuse to buy more. I’m trying to start selling things on Poshmark, so more of my closet space is available.

Listen to a Podcast

My favorite one is called Mentally Ch(ill).

If you decide to do this, leave a comment and let me know! If you hate one of those, feel free to replace it with something you like, and let me know what you added to your own self care 30 day challenge.


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    Dani Winders
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    Love the comments after each item! Giggling!

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      I felt like I needed to explain some of them! Haha. Thank you!

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    Shernette Williams
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    You’re so fun to read! It’s like you’re actually with me in my mind! I’m all for this girl! Totally got my support here.

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    October 28, 2018 at 4:13 am

    Absolutely loved this post! So fun and helpful xx

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