100 Self Care Ideas For Busy Moms

100 self care ideas for busy moms

In the past, I’ve created a 30 day self care challenge, but today I’m laying out an entire list of 100 self care ideas for busy moms. This way, you can create your very own, customized self care challenge!

As a busy mom myself, I will admit that the only reason I’ve had time to put together this long of a list, is because my darling children are at my own busy mom’s house right now.

I’m also including a FREE self care habit tracker that you can get by clicking here!free self care habit tracker printable

Personally, I’m a huge fan of habit trackers. I’ve tracked things like dishes, laundry, changing the sheets, etc., but I also think it’s important to have a self care habit tracker. This way, you can see how often you’re actually getting enough sleep, getting enough water, getting out of the house, and taking care of yourself.

Anyway, I know you’re here because you’re a busy mom who wants self care ideas and doesn’t want to read me ramble on about nothing for 300 words, so here they are.

100 Self Care Ideas For Busy Moms

  1. Go for a walk
  2. Take a bath or a long shower
  3. Paint your nails
  4. Get 8 hours of sleep – here are 15 ways to improve sleep quality
  5. Burn your favorite candle
  6. Spend time in the sun
  7. Eat a nutritious meal – here’s a quick and easy, keto-friendly chili recipe!
  8. Take your vitamins, supplements, etc. – I take these supplements to prevent migraines.
  9. Go to bed early
  10. Hug your kids
  11. Have a date night
  12. Get a massage
  13. FaceTime with family or friends
  14. Take a nap
  15. Moisturize your face and body
  16. Go for a drive
  17. Go to the movies
  18. Avoid caffeine for the day
  19. Exercise for 30 minutes
  20. Put on makeup
  21. Use a hair mask – or if you’re trying to remove waxy buildup from your hair, check out this post!
  22. Have a big breakfast
  23. Get a massage
  24. Have a game night
  25. Do simple stretches
  26. Drink coffee, tea, or hot chocolate
  27. Try a new recipe
  28. Meditate
  29. Decorate an area of your home
  30. Brush your teeth
  31. Color in an adult coloring book
  32. Declutter an area of your house
  33. Plan a party – does anyone have a birthday party coming up?
  34. Dance to your favorite songs
  35. Visit a library
  36. Go for a bike ride
  37. Learn to crochet, knit, or sew
  38. Buy yourself flowers
  39. Listen to a comedy album
  40. Play a sport
  41. Wear your favorite outfit
  42. Make a vision board
  43. Sit in silence
  44. Have a glass of wine, a beer, or a cocktail
  45. Spend time with family or friends
  46. Change the sheets on your bed
  47. Drink 8 glasses of water
  48. Make your bed
  49. Read a book
  50. Meal prep for the week
  51. Take photos
  52. Go to the beach
  53. Write and send a letter
  54. Create a morning routine
  55. Try yoga or pilates
  56. Use a face mask
  57. Have a picnic
  58. Visit a friend
  59. Set new goals
  60. Listen to a podcast
  61. Make a smoothie
  62. Learn a new skill
  63. Go hiking
  64. Order pizza or your favorite takeout
  65. Pay the bills
  66. Binge watch your favorite TV show
  67. Organize your space
  68. Schedule “me time”
  69. Read your favorite blog
  70. Plan a vacation – or plan a staycation if you’re not able to travel
  71. Design a photo book
  72. Delete apps from your phone
  73. Learn a new language
  74. Avoid social media for the day
  75. Eat your favorite dessert
  76. Paint a picture
  77. Go for a run
  78. Play an instrument
  79. Stay in your pajamas all day
  80. Watch the sunrise and/or sunset
  81. Create a playlist of your favorite songs
  82. Work on a puzzle
  83. Visit a museum
  84. Listen to an audiobook
  85. Write a blog or in a journal
  86. Try a new restaurant
  87. Create a budget
  88. Have a milkshake
  89. Gardening
  90. Put on your favorite perfume
  91. Create a nighttime routine
  92. Get your favorite photos printed
  93. Clean out and reorganize your closet
  94. Start a DIY project
  95. Do absolutely nothing
  96. Exfoliate
  97. Go to the gym
  98. Buy someone a gift
  99. Buy yourself a gift
  100. Start a self care habit tracker

That’s it for my 100 self care ideas for busy moms! I may add to this list in the future, but for now, make sure you download the free self care habit tracker printable and start putting some of these ideas into action. 


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  • Reply
    Jennifer Tanney
    January 19, 2021 at 1:12 pm

    Self care is so important! It’s so easy to forget about yourself when you have to take care of everyone else. I love how a lot of this super simple like changing the sheets or drink enough water. My personal favorite self care things are washing my hair, drawing and blogging.

    • Reply
      January 19, 2021 at 1:29 pm

      Drinking more water is one that I’m REALLY trying to focus on since I get headaches/migraines so often. I wish I could draw!!

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