• Kroger Clicklist Vs Walmart Pick Up

    Kroger ClickList vs. Wal-Mart Pick Up

    If you follow me on Twitter, this blog post should come as no surprise to you. I’ve been complaining for months. It wasn’t until recently that I realized how much I…

  • The Pelican's Reef Bacon Cheeseburger

    Rachel’s Restaurant Reviews – The Pelican’s Reef

    Welcome to a new segment: Rachel’s Restaurant Reviews. These will mostly be Cincinnati restaurant reviews, although there may be some from the Newport and Covington areas, as well. I always want…

  • How To Remove Waxy Buildup From Hair

    How To Remove Waxy Buildup From Hair

    For the most part, I feel like I have pretty great hair. This is most likely at least partially attributed to my small amount of Spanish and Italian heritage (thanks, AncestryDNA).…

  • 30 Day Self Love Challenge

    30 Day Self Love Challenge

    I’ve seen a lot of “self love challenges” and “self care challenges” on Pinterest. I usually want to at least try them, but there are always one or two things on…

  • I've Finally Started A Blog

    I’ve Finally Started A Blog

    Before I say anything else, just know that I’m really hoping that once I’m a few posts into this, I find out that writing this “first blog post” is the hardest…


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