Kroger ClickList vs. Wal-Mart Pick Up

Kroger Clicklist Vs Walmart Pick Up

If you follow me on Twitter, this blog post should come as no surprise to you. I’ve been complaining for months. It wasn’t until recently that I realized how much I value decent customer service, and how absolutely nauseating it is to me when a company repeatedly has poor customer service and makes no effort to improve. If you can’t already tell, while this is a review of the two services, it’s going to come across as a bit of a rant.

It’s not often that I attempt to make a chart in Excel and then create an image for it in Photoshop, but I’m irritated. I’ve been irritated for months. So here it is:

Kroger ClickList vs Wal-Mart Pick Up

Wal-Mart is obviously the winner and shining star in my personal experience.

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Most of the “categories” I scored them on are pretty self-explanatory, but here’s a breakdown:

Service Fee – This is how much they charge you to use the service. Kroger allows you to use the service three times before they start charging you the $4.95 service fee. Wal-Mart is always free.

Minimum Purchase – You have to spend at least this much to use the service. Honestly, what’s the point in using either of them if you’re spending less than $30? If you’re only getting a gallon of milk, just run in there and get it. Or, if you’re really lazy like I am, run into CVS and get it. It’s a way smaller store and will probably save a whopping 3 minutes. This is the only category Wal-Mart “loses” in, but I don’t really consider it a loss. Technically, Kroger’s minimum purchase price is $4.95 + one item. At least if you go to Wal-Mart, you won’t pay a service fee, so you can get like two loafs of bread for “free” in comparison.

Average Wait Time – This is what has made me hate Kroger and decide to never, ever shop there again (after I use my $20 gift card). On three separate occasions, we have waited an hour or more for our orders. These services are made for convenience, but there is nothing convenient about sitting in a grocery store parking lot all evening. Especially, when you have to list to other angry customers lay on their horns in frustration. At Wal-Mart, we wait five minutes max. It’s amazing.

Accuracy – This is where I’m judging how well they’ve completed my order. Kroger has given me expired food and also completely forgotten some of the food I’ve ordered. Wal-Mart has not.

Substitutes – If what you order is not in stock, they will substitute it with something else. Wal-Mart gave me a different brand of applesauce. On the other hand, using Kroger ClickList, I once ordered brown rice crackers. They were specifically brown rice crackers because I was on some stupid diet that required that I eat certain foods on certain days. Anyway, they didn’t have them, so they replaced them with some other, random crackers. They didn’t know I was on a dumb diet. I get it. They probably had another brand of brown rice crackers somewhere in the store, though. Or at least regular rice crackers.

Customer Service – This is where I’m judging whether or not their staff behaves like decent human beings, and this is where Kroger has lost my business forever. Remember how I said we waited for over an hour on three separate occasions? I contacted them about the issue, got a gift card, forgave them, and gave them another try. I did this three times! The last time, I contacted them and they blatantly ignored me for over a month. I emailed them four times and tweeted them more times that I can even remember. To me, it seemed like it was easier for them to believe that I was out to scam Kroger into giving me loads of $20 gift cards, than it was for them to believe their quality of service is continuously complete garbage. While they were ignoring me, however, the manager of my local Wal-Mart commented on my post and gave me a code for $10 off my first Wal-Mart Pick Up Order.

That’s it. Rant over. It could very well be that my local Kroger is far worse than yours. In fact, I’m sure it is. It’s hard for me to imagine any Kroger being worse than mine. They did ignore me on social media for over a month, though, and that wasn’t my local Kroger. That was corporate Kroger customer service.

Have you used either one of these? Which one do you prefer?

Final Note: Wal-Mart is waaaaay cheaper.

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