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  • Winter Bucket List

    Winter Bucket List

    I’ve made a winter bucket list! It is almost January, and to me, January and February seem to be the “worst” winter months. Or “best.” I guess it depends how you…

  • Top 10 Easter Gifts For Babies

    Top 10 Easter Gifts For Babies

    Picking out Easter gifts for babies can be really hard. Especially because Easter baskets traditionally consist of lots of candy, and babies can’t eat candy.…

  • Chili In White Square Bowl

    Quick and Easy Chili Recipe

    Are you looking for a delicious, quick and easy chili recipe? Good. You’re in the right place. Keep scrolling and watch as your wildest chili fantasies come true. Before we go…

  • Top 10 Amazon Purchases of 2018

    Top 10 Amazon Purchases of 2018

    I placed over 80 orders on Amazon in 2018. I’m not sure if that’s impressive or embarrassing, but to be fair, I shop on Amazon more than I do anywhere else.…

  • Putting Bracelet On By Myself

    Life Hack: How To Put a Bracelet On By Yourself

    Disclosure: Some of the links below are affiliate links, meaning, at no additional cost to you, I will earn a commission if you click through and make a purchase. Liam, London,…

  • How To Throw A Mickey Mouse Clubhouse Birthday Party

    Little Liam had a Mickey Mouse Clubhouse Birthday Party, and is now a little two-year-old! Over the past few months, he’s become obsessed with watching the Mickey Mouse Clubhouse theme song…

  • How To Stop Taking Excedrin

    How To Stop Taking Excedrin

    From my personal experience, this is how to stop taking Excedrin. Medical Disclosure: Please consult with your doctor or other qualified healthcare professional before taking any advice discussed within this website…


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